The Battle of the Blues over 140 years old, played by two great schools which even World War I and II could not halt despite all the fury, a game of cricket which is the second oldest in the World, a game that is older than the Ashes series between Australia and England, is indeed unique. In Ceylon of the years gone by and Sri Lanka today, the Royal – Thomian cricket match is a undeclared holiday for the young and old of both schools. One cannot forget the fairer sex who has continued to add glamour to the event, irrespective of age. Many great Prime Ministers, a former President, Ministers and leading citizens of the land in many fields have represented both schools in the Big Match. There has been many cricketers representing Ceylon and Sri Lanka from both schools with distinction. Some have captained the National Team with much acceptance. Thomians and Royalist young and old, continue to share the friendly rivalry each year and has also continued to uphold the greatest traditions, competitors cannot boast about. There are many old boys from both schools domiciled abroad, attending the big match each year sporting the school regalia.

Sponsors – 144th Battle of the Blues