Discipline, Knowledge and Results

A great science teacher should be able to make the subject extremely interesting by using 'easy to remember' techniques. He should also be able to produce very high results at the G.C.E. OL examination. The teacher should take an extra effort to plant a seed in the young minds which could result - genuing & kind-hearted,  world class doctors, engineers and scientists to the nation.

Education is not just SPOON FEEDING individually, nor done FORCEFULLY & SECRETLY at HOME by paying a LARGE sum of money on an hourly basis.

Talented teachers who are capable of producing A's will not visit house to house but attract many students from different parts of the country.

Along with valuable SOCIAL ETHICS, let your child understand the most COMPLICATED OL-SCIENCE in an INTERESTING and extremely SIMPLIFIED manner, using EASY to remember techniques in a comfortable AIR CONDITIONED classroom as a TEAM, in a well DISCIPLINED ‘HOMELY’ atmosphere.

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The vision

Produce the highest percentage of A's in science, at the G.C.E. Ordinary Level Examination and to be a loving father to my precious students and guide them to maintain a high standard of discipline in life. - Channa Asela

About the tutor - Channa Asela

Art of teaching is a precious gift of God. Every qualified person cannot implant his or her knowledge in young minds. Teaching is a session, which converts the most confusing & complicated facts into simple & understandable set of memories.

email - Channa.Asela@RoyalThomian.info  
Contact numbers -  0755 27 93 17 or 071 4 820 596



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